Composite PAL Capture Not Working At All / Intensity Shuttle

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Composite PAL Capture Not Working At All / Intensity Shuttle

PostSat Jun 15, 2019 1:43 am

I purchased the Intensity Shuttle specifically to capture PAL composite video from a
video synthesizer.

The synthesizer works on everything, old monitors, new projectors, VCR's, DVD recorders, really cheap video digitizers, etc.

It does not work at all with the Intensity Shuttle. I am using the USB version.

Ocasionally, I will see a flash of a single frame and then the capture screen goes black.

I have read all of the documentation and tried every combination of settings and cannot get composite video to capture. Is there some kind of secret setting somewhere to get this to work? The box is clearly marked "Video In" so this must work.

Help appreciated. I have spent hours and hours and gotten nowhere and need to work.
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Re: Composite PAL Capture Not Working At All / Intensity Shu

PostFri Jun 28, 2019 6:06 pm

It sounds like it's not stable enough or the sync is disturbed by the macrovision pulses. Try to bypass the signal through a DVD recorder with "TBC-like" functionality (eg. Pana DMR-ESXX series)
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Re: Composite PAL Capture Not Working At All / Intensity Shu

PostSat Jun 29, 2019 2:20 pm

You are very shure you have set the Video Desktop "driver" for the Intensity Shuttle ? resolution, fame rate, progressive or interlaced must be exact set, Otherwise like allready said, using a VCR as throughput may help, it should have a TBC feature, or it should be VCR,DVD combo (both have recording features, so not a VCR DVD player)
btw. what do you need as output format ? MPG2(DVD) or MP4 ?
The Intensity Shuttle does need a very stable PAL/NTSC signal, indeed a big chance this video synteziser, isn't up to that. You should be careful if you are thinking buying something like a TBC, these devices come in different levels of quality or specifications what they are capable of.
equipment/software used:
UltraStudio Mini Recorder, Intensity Shuttle (Thunderbolt), ADVC-100 (DV/iLink/Firewire), Davinci Resolve 15 free version, Media Express, MPEGStreamclip, Avidemux

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