New, looking for general advise

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New, looking for general advise

PostFri Jun 21, 2019 5:18 am

I started a VHS/8mm project to revive my family's home movies. Being a complete noobie I am wondering what order I should do things in. My main focus is restoring the footage as best as possible with software then "super-sampling" (not sure if that is the correct term) to expand the final footage to fit a 1080p television.

For example(in what order?):
- Cut/edit raw footage.
- Color correct/ add filters to enhance old/poor media.
- Change 24FPS original footage to 30 or 60 FPS. (do/don't - from the start/after final real is edited)
- Edit audio (separately clip by clip or all at once when I have a final timeline?)

What tools will make my life easier that worked for you?
Is there any way to batch edit film clips by setting presets? (I have a lot of video clips 100+)
Any other advise you can give me starting out would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your thoughts and time.
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Re: New, looking for general advise

PostSat Jun 22, 2019 11:40 am

The first question might be into what video format have you digitised the VHS/8mm footage?
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Re: New, looking for general advise

PostMon Jul 15, 2019 8:56 pm

First, 8mm = Video8 video or film ?

For VHS you should not choose a too old VHS VCR, it should have at least have build in TBC stabilization, a BMD capture device needs a very clean video signal.
Out of experience i can tell you the Panasonic DMR ES35V is a very good option, it delivers a good video signal from it's VHS deck, and has also a component video output on top of that, which also outputs a very stable YUV video signal, which is good enough for the Intensity Shuttle (TB2) i use it with.

I have a VHS transfer guide on this forum, it will answer some of your questions.
equipment/software used:
UltraStudio Mini Recorder, Intensity Shuttle, ATEM Mini, Davinci Resolve 15, Media Express, Avidemux, UniConverter

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