Decklink Quad HDMI Recorder not working properly

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Decklink Quad HDMI Recorder not working properly

PostWed Aug 14, 2019 12:55 pm

Hey guys,

I recently purchased a Decklink Quad HDMI Recorder and I'm having issues with making it work. The issue is that the signal sent from my all 4 of my Canon 800D's is in SD and I can't configure the capture card with the Blackmagic Desktop Video Setup. There are no tabs other than the About tab.

I've tested multiple HDMI cables by connecting 800D's to multiple monitors and TV's. All are working properly and the signal is in 1920x1080. Basically no issues whatsoever. I even tested an older Nikon D3200 and it works as well.

I've removed my graphic card just in case there are some weird problems with the PCI slot and I've tested all PCI slots. Same issue.

I've tried reinstalling the Desktop Video 11.3 and 11.2 software and the issue persists.

I'm using Windows 10.

What might be the problem?
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Re: Decklink Quad HDMI Recorder not working properly

PostTue Nov 19, 2019 8:24 pm

Now I see a lot of similar problems as my- without any solution? I also checked card on second computer- still the same problem.

OK I HAVE SOLUTION for problems with Canon R and Canon 5d mark IV
I connected canon r to Lillput monitor with HDMI cable and from field Monitor I have connected it to Blackmagic quad hdmi 4k - and it Works- it has HD signal and 4k signal.
Could you make something with firmware /drivers update to workwith canon R/5d IV ?

update2: also works with cheap active HDMI splitter

BlackMagic is it possible to make some drivers update?

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