dip switch manual vs. reality?

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dip switch manual vs. reality?

PostFri Sep 06, 2019 11:35 am

I was having issues getting my updowncross converter properly setup. I showed the configuration table and the unit to several people on the set of the show I am working on.

Someone realized that the diagram in the manual is the exact opposite from the real world! The configuration tables show the ON position of a dip switch to be pointing UP, which makes sense. The unit has a small, partially hidden ON emblem on the lower row position, so the actual correct position of a dip switch is DOWN, which is not only counter intuitive, but down right criminal!

Extreme frustration and time could have been saved if this had been known and or labeled in a clear manner.

Just wanted to pass this along. BlackMagic makes great products. Just would like the real world set experience to be as easy as possible.

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Re: dip switch manual vs. reality?

PostMon Sep 09, 2019 4:08 pm

The configuration table on the bottom of the unit is upside down compared to the dipswitch. I just look up what switches i have to set to ON. And take a close look at the dipswitch to see how it needs to be set..

But i see where the frustration comes from.. Would help a lot if they flip the instrucion on the bottom 180 degrees..
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