Marshall LCD70MD-3G vs SmallHD A7-SDI vs Ikan D7w

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Marshall LCD70MD-3G vs SmallHD A7-SDI vs Ikan D7w

PostMon Aug 12, 2013 5:02 pm

I need a good on camera monitor for the Black Magic Cinema Camera. Has to have SDI-HD ports on it to connect to the camera. And it has to have markers or frame guides to help with framing properly for broadcast TV. I prefer video scopes as well to check exposure and other things. I know a lot of people usually prefer the IKAN but it has no markers. And the SmallHD doesn't have the video scopes/added features the Marshall or Ikan have. At the same time, the Marshall isn't 1280x800 like the others but seems to have all the feature for professional broadcast video production. I'm leaning towards the Marshall right now. Thoughts?

Marshall LCD70MD-3G $999
7-inch monitor
High Resolution 1024 x 600 LED backlit IPS panel
High Brightness 800-nit with adjustable backlight
DSLR Ratio Adjustment with 4 DSLR ratio presets
On screen Waveform / stereo audio bar display
Manual Gamma adjustment
Adjustable IRE Clip Guide (Zebra filter)
Stereo headphone output (select a L+R pair from the available channels)
6 monitor configuration user presets
Custom screen markers (choice of four colors and variable lines widths)
HDMI Auto Color Space and Ratio Detect
New Peaking filter (choice of four color highlights and variable sensitivity)
False Color filter
Four user assigned function buttons with 32 possible uses
Pixel-to-Pixel panning (Custom Pixel-to-Pixel Mode)
15:9, 16:9, 4:3 Pixel-to-Pixel modes
Input Crop with automatic scaling
RGB Check Field with Monochrome

SmallHD A7-SDI ($899 + cheapest battery plate $59.99) $958.99
7-inch monitor
1280x800 resolution
8-bit color depth
HDMI, Component, Composite
Focus Assist, DSLR Scale, Frame Guides

Ikan D7w $1,169
7-inch monitor
1280 x 800 HD IPS panel
Waveform, Vector Scope, & RGB Parade
HDMI, HD-SDI input with loop-through
False color with adjustable under luminance and over luminance warning
Clip guide with adjustable threshold
Peaking with red outline

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