Pocket Camera and Intensity Shuttle / Media Express

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Pocket Camera and Intensity Shuttle / Media Express

PostSat Aug 31, 2013 5:54 am

Hi - most of the filming I to is talking head / documentary stuff and was considering using my Macbook Air with an intensity shuttle thunderbolt as a location recorder with my Pocket camera as sometimes I'm shooting a long interview.

Does anyone have any experience of doing something similar and does it work well for you? - before I go ahead and purchase the shuttle.

Also - If I do go ahead and get a thunderbolt shuttle to capture 10bit HDMI, do I have to use Media Express, or is there a better software capture alternative, with scopes etc that would work with the shuttle?

I've read up a little on Veescope Live and wondered if this would be a good location companion for the BMPCC and the Shuttle.

I suppose another alternative would be a ninja etc?

Appreciate your thoughts.
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