SLR Magic APO and Anamorphic Cinema Lenses

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Richard Dean

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Re: SLR Magic APO and Anamorphic Cinema Lenses

PostThu Jan 31, 2019 4:00 pm

I personally love watching behind the scenes footage from big features where lens data is shown on screen. I probably paused the bluray of shape of water dozens of times to see what lens mm, stop and color temp they were shooting at. (Exposure was consistent even in different scenes)

While it would be fabulous to have this data, I can't imagine SLR magic ever developing it. It doesn't seem their target market. The shows that opt for High end glass aren't interested in saving money on lens rentals and I would imagine SLR magic owners (myself included) are more interested in owning a variety of good affordable lenses, than more expensive ones with lens data.
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Re: SLR Magic APO and Anamorphic Cinema Lenses

PostThu Jan 31, 2019 4:07 pm

I think you’re right. I feel they are the best combination of cost, size, balanced weight, ease of operation, and character with an ecosystem around them that includes various kinds of filters and anamorphics. Where they don’t do a lens accessory product, they officially interface with someone who does such as PD Movie for their (synchronous) follow focus.

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