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BMCC Commercial in Cinemas Switzerland

PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:45 pm
by SwooP
Hi everyone

I had the luck to test a Demo BMCC, 1 of 3 cameras in our country (Switzerland). Im working in a cinema and i am trying to get a professional cinematographer. So, i invested in new equipment and also in the lovely BMCC. Still waiting for my personal one :( We planed a little Clip about the garbage problem with our audience and i was inspired by the new "Man of Steel" Trailer. Well, we did some Superman VFX with the BMCC.

No additonal Lights (pretty hard in cinema, but BMCC did well)
Lenses: Zeiss CP.2 18mm & 35mm
Kessler Dolly and Tripod.
Shot in RAW - ISO 800 Shutter 180°
Colorgraded in Adobe RAW Converter (Bridge) Edited with Premiere CS6. Have to do more practice there, i know :)

Well, this was my first RAW Project and im still a Film-Amateur, but Feedback from the audience is good.


For those who doesnt speek Swiss/German.
Slogan says: The Hero in this Clips is fictitious. The Garbage not. Thank you for helping us to reduce waste and keep our cinemas clean.

P.S. Sry for the bad English.