Future Whishlist for Ursa Mini

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Future Whishlist for Ursa Mini

PostSat Mar 18, 2017 10:15 am

Dear Blackmagic Fans!

First time I heard of Blackmagic was when their first model camera came out The Blackmagic cinema camera, and knew their hearts were in the right place. Along side Panasonic this is my favorite Camera Company because they listen to their customers and really give it their all to bring the cheapest highest quality camera possible.
I was so very excited when the new Ursa Mini Pro came out, and I must say that the new improvements are most welcome, but on the other hand I was expecting a little more from Blackmagic.
Since the first time I saw the picture quality on the Ursa Mini 4,6K I fell in love with it at first sight and was blown away by the beautiful image it gave. From that moment on I knew I want to shot on that camera and started saving money for it. But there were still some things that I desired Blackmagic improve and fix before I made the final commitment, some of them have been addressed in the new Pro version, but there are more that I want to mention here, and also that I want other people to mention here.

So let me start:
1. I would love it very much if Ursa could have in body sensor stabilization, this would make it so much more user friendly and people would have to buy extra equipment for it.
2. I would love it if they got around the rolling shutter issue on this camera without reducing the 15 stops of dynamic range. I thought that the Pro version would fix that, but probably was to much for them to handle this time.
3. Camera size weight. I would love if the camera was a little lighter and smaller, because people love smaller and lighter cameras they can carry around with them. This is one of the reason the GH5 is so popular, maybe this means redesigning the whole camera but I still believe it is worth it.
4. Storage, I love the new SD slots on the Pro, but instead of the C-Fast slots I would add and internal SSD.
5. Frame rate. Would love to have 120 frames in 4,6K. I know this means double the processing power. But would be a great improvement.

This is it for now...

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