WTF Blackmagic another of your weird QC failure

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Alain Bourassa

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WTF Blackmagic another of your weird QC failure

PostThu Aug 10, 2017 7:07 pm

When you removed the lens on your camera you could see the infrared filter protecting the sensor
it's like that in pretty much every camera in the world
the filter is holding in there and does nothing physically except blocking some lights ...

well ...

on one of our Ursa Mini Pro for absolutely no reason one of the screw holding the filter in place was broken !!
the screw head was loose inside the housing and the theads of the screw are still in the hole :o
how can a scew break like this ??? it does nothing except holding the filter in place with 3 other ones !!

Denny Smith

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Re: WTF Blackmagic another of your weird QC failure

PostFri Aug 11, 2017 5:56 pm

Alain, no manufacturing system is perfect. The head could have been tweaked in assembly, and fell off siring shipping, so QC would not have spotted this. The solution is simple, return the defective camera for a replacement, no need to beat anybody up over this. :mrgreen:
Denny Smith
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