URSA MINI PRO Viewfinder issue

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Sebastian Höglund

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URSA MINI PRO Viewfinder issue

PostTue Sep 12, 2017 1:34 pm

Hello, i really enjoy working with Ursa mini pro, even though it has some flaws.

One of the flaws that ive come across that has caused me some problems it the viewfinder info.

It display different values on the viewfinder and the camera.
So values like, Shutter angle, white balance, FPS etc. can be at differing making you unsure whats the right one...

Is there something that can be adressed in a forthcoming update?
For now i've turned of the information in the viewfinder, but when i rent my camera out to clients i don't want this to interfere with their productions.

Here are some images:
Image in the viewfinder
unnamed.jpg (528.81 KiB) Viewed 493 times
Image of the display
unnamed-1.jpg (606.73 KiB) Viewed 493 times

Tim Schumann

Blackmagic Design

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Re: URSA MINI PRO Viewfinder issue

PostWed Sep 13, 2017 12:44 am

Have you updated your Viewfinder to the latest software version?

Because this information is fed through to the Viewfinder via metadata in the SDI stream from the cameras front SDI, you need to ensure your viewfinder is updated to the latest version to support all the same values.

If your Viewfinder is still on 3.2 or 3.3 and your camera is on 4.x then there will be information being sent through that the Viewfinder doesn't recognise yet.

I'd recommend downloading Camera 4.4 Update and flashing both your camera and your Viewfinder.
This should fix the issue you are seeing.

The way the overlays appear will look a bit different as the camera has different style of overlays to the viewfinder but the information for shutter, white balance, ISO and frame rate should all be the same and should match.

You are also able to re-assign what the function buttons on the Viewfinder do so if you'd rather clients didn't have access to this in the function buttons then re-assigning that button to something else will mean they are less likely to bring this up and get double overlays.

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