URSA Mini 4.6 w/ Letus Helix?

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Jeffrey Chance

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URSA Mini 4.6 w/ Letus Helix?

PostThu Oct 12, 2017 4:52 pm

Hey everyone!

I recently invested in a Letus Helix Standard for my ursa mini (I also purchased the XLR 2 pin). Deal came with a lot of goodies, extra batteries, etc.

but didn't come with any explaination on HOW to set it up. This is my first actual three axis gimbal setup as previously I only worked with a Glidecam rig. There's also only ONE tutorial online and the speaker, although helpful, skips steps and doesn't go into detail.

Anyone with a Helix mind helping me out?

Dennis Sørensen

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Re: URSA Mini 4.6 w/ Letus Helix?

PostThu Oct 12, 2017 7:45 pm

If it was me, i would reach out to Letus directly for help. I think that is the fastest way.

Tristan Pemberton

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Re: URSA Mini 4.6 w/ Letus Helix?

PostThu Oct 12, 2017 8:18 pm

There's some good YouTube tutorials and more than one Letus tute.

I even found a YouTube clip of a guy balancing his UM on the Helix. Keep looking, you'll find more info.

But just a couple of tips...
1. Get the long plate (if you haven't already)
2. Get it balanced on all three axis FIRST (for tilt you raise/lower the handles)
3. If you can use an external monitor do it - that way you'll have optical centre.
4. Use the Helix batteries to power the camera - get at least one extra
5. Spend time checking calibration using SimpleBG_GUI. It's worth it to get the gyro & accel sensors right.
6. Stick with it when things feel tricky - once you get it set up, it's magic!

I use the RedRock thumbwheel controller for remote focus. It's only single channel, but works great and is powered by the Helix. Definitely worth the investment. Also, consider removing one of the handles and replacing with the UM grip. With one LANC cable you've got more control at your fingertips. I haven't done this yet, but seen examples with C300 using the Sony grip.

Final tip, not sure if you have gears (or using remote focus), but if not consider getting the cool-lux gears. It's worth having gears installed to the lenses you'll be using for gimbal. The strap/screw on type gears are ok, but will frustrate you after a while.

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