Micro Camera FW 4.7.1 New SBus features

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Denny Smith

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Micro Camera FW 4.7.1 New SBus features

PostSun Nov 26, 2017 2:25 am

Updated my Micro cameras to FW 4.7.1, (no stuck pixels so far) and tested some of the new SBus control features. I was wondering how SBus would deal with changing frame rates and codec settings, as these normally require a soft reboot to take effect. Well it works, and when you change frame rate (or Codec on Micro Cinema) the Camera does its soft reboot as part of the change.

What happens, is when you change frame rate, for example, the monitor blanks out for a moment and then refreshes with the new frame rate displayed on the monitor status line. This is very fast, and much quicker than going into the camera menu system. A real nice addition to the SBus controls. Got this to work with Kim’s LeViteZer Micro Remote, by assigning the Zoom switch to Frame Rate in the Camera Remote Menu, so the Zoom switch now controls The Frame Rate setting.

Next I am going to test the record function on the Micro Studio with the Video Devices Pix E to see if Remote record trigger will work with the Pix.
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Kim Janson

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Re: Micro Camera FW 4.7.1 New SBus features

PostMon Nov 27, 2017 2:19 pm

Good to know the frame rate works with the LeViteZer controller, did not have time to test that my self yet.
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