BMPCC hdmi output reparation

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BMPCC hdmi output reparation

PostSat Jan 13, 2018 11:49 am

I'm extremely desapointed by BM concerning they're answer about the reparation of the HDMI output on my bmpcc: "reparation is economicaly not viable" They didn't even bother to take a look at the camera. This is totaly unrespectfull.

Does anybody knows where to repaer it? Is there another service of electronical devices take can make the job in europe?

thanks for the tips
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Re: BMPCC hdmi output reparation

PostSat Jan 13, 2018 12:17 pm

This is due too earlier expierence with the same faults..

BMD Does not repair products on component level. They will exchange the whole board were the connector is on.. In this case the whole main PCB.
Which in terms of laybor and parts will exceed the price of a new one.!!

If the HDMI was defective right out of the box it would be exchanged under waranty for a new camera.
But a user damaged HDMI port is not waranty.. And if BMD would offer a repair the cost would be higher then a new camera.

So find some repair guy that does televisions, stereo's etc.. Ask them if they have expierence in "fine pitch SMD repair"

They "might" be able to repair it.. But if the traces on the PCB broke. It will be broke forever.. These traces are not repairable in such a way it will work perfectly fine again..

Be aware that if anyone screws open the camera the waranty will be void (if any was still on it..)
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Re: BMPCC hdmi output reparation

PostSat Jan 13, 2018 2:49 pm

BMPCC HDMI is NOT repairable, period.

The HDMI connector has such a construction that soldering is under the connector body. I have no idea how to remove the connector (for instance, preventively disconnect it and connect back with some flexible wires). The wires on the board look to be on inner layers so it's quite difficult to access them. There is just no place inside to attach some intermediate cable. And the last: There is only ONE board inside since 2 boards and soldered ribbon cable between them count as one. So the only method to repair it officially is to replace all BMPCC.

What could you do: Preventively add some solder to the places that keep the connector body on the board. And maybe you are happy if you can attach thin wires to the neighboring chip that looks as a HDMI protector.

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