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BMPC4K Vs Micro Studio 4k w/4k recorder

PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:02 pm
by James David
Hi guys,

well there's not much information or reviews on the micro studio camera especially for narrative use, I would really like to know what the comparisions are?

I still have a pocket and a BMPC4K that I have just taken reciept off but I am wondering what the Micro studio would be like haviing feature such as being compact and small.

Will it still give a filmic image comparable to the BMPC4K?

Can anyone point me to some "hidden" examples of footage or short films

Many thanks

Re: BMPC4K Vs Micro Studio 4k w/4k recorder

PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:36 pm
by Denny Smith
The Micro studio camera is a S16 (slightly larger than the Pocket sensor) while the BMPC 4K sensor is about 1.5 times larger. While both are a 4K UHD Camera, the Production Camera can shoot film log and raw, where as the Micro Studio designed as a live production (or live to tape) Camera, only outputs a Rec 709 video output at about 11-stops of dynamic range. While,the new FW update added uncompressed raw output, their are currently no existing recorders or software conversions that can unpack the raw signal into a useable form. So you would have to match the Production or Picket camera film log/raw image to the Micro Studio.

The MS will also need a monitor/recorder like the Video Assist 4K (for UHD) or the smaller 5-inch VA for HD recording (down converted from UHD). To quickly make shooting menu changes you are going to need one of the SBus remotes like the One Little Goat Lite remote ($200), a Cage like the Wooden Camera Micro cage ($100).

I have the Micro Studio, like input for mostly outdoor shooting where a quick, clean nicely saturated HD recording is needed for quick turnaround projects, where extensive editing/color correction is not desirable.
The camera needs light, so fast lenses indoors or lots of light are the order of the day.

For narrative work in HD, a better choice for a small camera that is a upgrade from the Pocket, is the Micro Cinema Camera, paired with a nice small monitor like the SmallHD Focus, (no external recorder required), gives less Rolling Shutter artifacts than the Pocket, same great IQ, and 12-14 stops of dynamic range. It also can record film log and raw, which is better suited for most narrative work, where post production workflow is the norm.

Re: BMPC4K Vs Micro Studio 4k w/4k recorder

PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:43 pm
by James David
Thanks for your detailed reply, this explains a lot and probably why there is hardly any footage out in the wild! James

Re: BMPC4K Vs Micro Studio 4k w/4k recorder

PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:24 pm
by Jim Giberti
To follow up on Denny's, always thorough, advice regarding the Micro Cinema camera - yes.

I would add though, having an opportunity recently to compare Pocket and Micro footage side by side from the same shoot, that the Micro shows a bit more res as well - noticeable to me at least in direct comparison. And looks more like UM footage than Pocket footage.

Again, to me, the Pocket has always had a bit les res but very comparable to BMCC footage - sort of it's baby brother.

Likewise, to me it seems like the BMMCC is more of a baby brother to the UM line.