Black Magic camera for remote underwater system

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Black Magic camera for remote underwater system

PostWed Jan 31, 2018 1:37 am


I am designing an underwater camera rig that is to be towed behind a small vessel and take images of coral reefs for later automated processing. At this stage the preference is for stills but uncompressed video is also an option, if video then 4K is preferred.

The camera needs to be solid state (i.e. no mechanical shutter) and capable of running at 1-2 fps for an hour or two at a time. It needs to be externally powered, use decent lenses and be externally controllable so that we can start and stop the camera based on either a command from a surface control unit or from an underwater computer (for example when the rig is at a set depth).

The BlackMagic cameras seem to fit the bill to a degree but I am not sure about their stills capability (I understand that they are video focused) and how realistic it is to run these for long periods and how we would do storage. The towed platform can use an Ethernet enabled tether to the towing vessel for example.

So any ideas or yes/no about this idea? Happy to supply more info.



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