Big Idea, end of life raw recording.

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Wayne Steven

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Big Idea, end of life raw recording.

PostWed Feb 07, 2018 10:12 am

An issue with some of the higher framerate modes was said to be that it can't be processed, or stored uncompressed (requiring little to no processing). But storage is due to advance in leaps and bounds and drop in price in the post flash storage world. One day recording fullhd 50/60fps or 4k, even 8k may seem to be not much hassle. Storage can be attached through high-speed interface, or future low-cost HDMI recorders. A 10 mb/s interface is close to 4kp50 10bit raw. Hdmi data stream can be made to pass raw by packing it in the stream, but it is not official and HDMI recorders don't understand it.

One day in ten years time, somebody could find a second-hand BM camera for $100, attach a seconhand $10 storage device start recording uncompressed raw 60fps fullframe and marvel at how reliable the BM cinema camera brand is.
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robert Hart

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Re: Big Idea, end of life raw recording.

PostWed Feb 07, 2018 3:09 pm

When the SI2K first came out, the spinning drives were in the 160gb ballpark. When the generation of SSDs like Samsung 1TB arrived on the scene, the utility of the SI2K with a B4-Mount lens became extended to enable covering of events requiring long continuous recording times for a while. It never did like low-light though. The big URSA with B4 lens windowed into Pro-Rex proxy is more user-friendly these days through not needing a mixer to be added into the rats nest of attached cables.

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