Feature request: have timecode input for the BMPCC

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David Peterson

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Feature request: have timecode input for the BMPCC

PostThu Feb 15, 2018 2:32 pm

http://documents.blackmagicdesign.com/C ... Manual.pdf

Page 18 of the manual says you can feed timecode to the left channel of the BMD Micro Cinema Camera and then in the camera's menu you've got an option to read.

Damn, that sounds awesome!

Wish the BMPCC could do it as well, could we pretty please get a firmware update for this? (also naturally I'm sure owners of the BMCC and the Production 4K Camera would greatly appreciate this TC feature as well!)
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Denny Smith

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Re: Feature request: have timecode input for the BMPCC

PostThu Feb 15, 2018 5:25 pm

The short answer is no, not going to happen. The video/audio processors in the Micro cameras and Pocket camera are not the same, the Pocket camera has a minimal processor, which as I understand it from previous discussions about this, will not support actual T/C input. That said, you can record a LLC (audio) time code to any audio track, no issues, as it records as an audio feed, that a editing program can use to sync audio tracks in post.
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