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Patrick Acum

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feature request ursa broadcast

PostTue May 22, 2018 12:26 pm

Hi, slightly random but it would be great if we could have iso as well as gain in the menu. I realise that it's meant for broadcast, but it does actually make a really good s16 camera with a great look and Im not used to gain anymore!
Also, even tho it would fall around 500 iso, 3db of gain would be a sweet spot of signal to noise, at the moment, 6db is a just a little too much noise, even tho the noise is quite pleasing. Cleaner 6db would be awesome, but I suspect beyond the capabilities of the sensor. Over and out.

Denny Smith

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Re: feature request ursa broadcast

PostWed May 23, 2018 1:15 am

Tim S (BM Rep) mentioned that Reg Broadcast Camera ISO settings are, “On the URSA Broadcast -6dB is 200ISO, 0dB is 400ISO, 6dB is 800ISO and 12dB is 1600ISO”. So -6dB and 0 are going to give you the best results. Not too hard to remember 0 = 400, and each change up is double the base value and the one dB change down is half.
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