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doubts and "stranger things”

PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:10 pm
by Fran Tormo
Few months with my URSA mini pro, loving it so far! I´m amazing how it deliver so nice image.
But, like in every love story there are some points that don´t like
I share with you this points, maybe you are in the same position or know a solution
First think that makes me crazy is, when I change frame rate to 50, the crop sensor turn on itself, or when I switch to HFR not 120, just 50. it turns on itself again....sometimes I´m coming back from 50 not crop sensor to 25 and it activates itself and get me by surprise because until you don´t use 120 it suppose to be quiet and off, so I just look through viewfinder and thinking "ir is a 35mm???, why I see like 80mm?? ahhh, the f** crop sensor again!
Another thing is false color, there are slim differences from view finder to LCD. I trust my view finder, but drives me crazy too, it suppose to be the same! I say, slight slight differences but sometimes one is red and the other is yellow...
And the last but not least
Do you guys work with meters and the URSA?
I´m finding that working with my Sekonic L-478DR and the profile of BlackmagicCC 800 ISO in camera gives 250 ISO in my meter. What do you thing? This is almost two stops less sensitive, Exposing for a grey card green in the false color camera view finder.

Thanks a lot for future advices