Save video as an mpeg2 file

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Save video as an mpeg2 file

PostWed Feb 14, 2018 10:30 pm

I am completely new to DaVinci Resolve 14. I have the free version.

I feel very comfortable with Windows Movie Maker. I have never used another editor. I am a volunteer producer of outdoor videos for our community TV station. I create mp4 videos with WMM and then convert the video to mpeg2 format with another piece of software to meet the TV station's format requirement.

Since MM is no longer being supported by Microsoft, I need to use another video editor. I read about DaVinci Resolve 14 and have downloaded the free version. I am now trying to wade my way through YouTube Videos on beginners with Resolve 14.

First question: As a start, I just loaded a mp4 video I created with MM into the DaVinci editor to see if I could view it, and then Deliver it into a MPEG2 file format. I selected YouTube and 1080. Opps, I am now lost. I see no way to deliver this clip in MPEG2 format. Help!

Second question: This is a 45 minute video. I wanted to scroll through it with thoughts of editing out some bad areas, and replacing them with jpegs or other videos. I thought I could trim the bad clip out, but I could get no reaction when I clicked Trim.

Any suggestions or YouTube videos that may help me? Anything comparing and "how to" when going from MM to Resolve 14? Thank you.
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Re: Save video as an mpeg2 file

PostWed Feb 14, 2018 10:49 pm

You can use ffmpeg to convert the video to mpeg2.

For YouTube videos select Format = MP4 and Codec = H.264, or use an intermedia codec and convert it with ffmpeg for more control.

Make sure you deinterlace the footage for YouTube delivery.

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