Editing offline with proxies

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Editing offline with proxies

PostSat Apr 25, 2015 6:09 pm


I'd like to understand how to make proxies form CinemaDNG thru Resolve. The Editing will be taking place in Resolve itself, though. I need smaller files that will be used just for the editing in Resolve. Since I am on Win 7 I can't get ProRes 422 (Proxy). I was wondering if H264 with compression quality to best will be ok (low datarate). Resolution is custom 1600x680 (2.35:1)

I was wondering if I have to rename the RAW files properly before converting them to Cinema DNG sequences; something like 012_M0001 or such.

I am still in the process of figuring out how to do this all. The folloing is my idea so far:

In Resolve I add all the DNG clips created by MlRawViewer to the Media Pool, then select all clips in the pool and create a new timeline based on the clips. In the Color Window I make sure the Raw Settings properly set: Decode Using Clip, Color Space and Gamma to BMD Film (Highlight REcovery checked). I apply a BMD to VisonLOG lut.

In the Delivery Window under Presets, in Easy setup, I select "Final Cut Pro XML Round-Trip" Codec to H264, compression Best. Render unique filenames->Use unique filename suffix. Force debayer resolution to highest quality. I then set mark in and out points Render the files.

I create a new project in Resolve named "Editing Proxies" and I load the H264 files and etid them.

At this point, once I am done with the cutting how do I replace the H264 files with the DNG to do the color correction? Do I have to export the editing into a XML file?


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