Resolve 11 stops playback \ render cache after several minut

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Resolve 11 stops playback \ render cache after several minut

PostMon Apr 27, 2015 9:25 pm

Hey everyone,

recently switched back from MacPro due to the D700 issues to a Windows 7 PC workstation using a 10 core xeon and 2x Titan X. My issue im running into is Resolve seems to stop playback and render cachce after a few minutes. I check and QT decoder is maxed at 3.5GBs of RAM and resolve is usign around 5GB. This is always resolved, no pun, by quitting and restarting resolve. Its just obnoxious as I cant get through a session without dozens of restarts.

Any suggestions? I already updated to latest nvidia drivers, updated QT, and resolve is the latest.
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