V12 NLE issues and feedback

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Wouter Verwijlen

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V12 NLE issues and feedback

PostTue Jul 28, 2015 4:16 pm

First of all I'd like to express my appreciation for the fact that you made the standard versions of both Resolve and Fusion available for free. For a freelancer like me who just started out that's just incredible. Thank you.

There are a few issues on the NLE side of the Resolve 12 beta that prevent me from using this on any real editing jobs (apart from it being a beta of course). I'd like to express those because they might help to further improve the program or help other people who experience the same issues. Some of them might be bugs.

1) Lack of 'paste insert', 'lift' and 'extract' (not a bug)
Currently the biggest showstopper for me. After reading through the manual and searching online I can not find a way to move a selection of multiple clips to another position on the timeline without overwriting the clips at the new position. For example if I want to move a selection of five clips somewhere in my edit to the start of the timeline: I can select, cut, move the playhead to the start, and paste... and then it overwrites the clips at the start. Currently there are two solutions to this as far as I know: either make enough space at the start prior to pasting, which is a pain because you need to overestimate how much blank space you need and then delete the gap that remains at the end. The other solution is to group the clips into a compound clip and then CTRL+Shift drag the compound clip to the start, then decompose in place, then delete the compound clip in the media library. This is cumbersome, and it messes up my audio tracks (it creates an extra unnecessary audio track).

It's vital to me that I'm able to move around or insert a selection of multiple clips without overwriting existing material on the timeline.

Related to this is the lack of Lift and Extract operations. A lot of people edit using the keyboard instead of the mouse, and currently you can't mark in-out points on the timeline, then lift or extract the marked area, then insert the contents somewhere else. There's more stuff that makes keyboard editing a bit fiddly, but to me this is the most important one.

2) Rewind performance issues
In general the playback performance in v12 is much, much better then it was in v11. However going backwards in the timeline (either scrubbing with the playhead or by using J-key) causes the program to slow down immensely. Tested system: laptop with Core i7 4710HQ, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 970m, Windows 8.1 64-bit. Will test this on the desktop in my studio soon to see if it occurs there too.

3) It doesn't read audio on AVCHD files (bug?)
Resolve will only read the videostream from (Panasonic) AVCHD (MTS) files and ignores the recorded audio tracks.

4) Deinterlacing problems
I have some interlaced footage, unfortunately. After enabling video field processing and setting the video monitoring format to 1080i Resolve will play the footage almost correctly, but:
  • Video monitors will only deinterlace the footage when the viewers are set to either 25% or 50%. Any other value will still show interlacing.
  • The field order is wrong and I can't find a way to change this.
  • I can't deinterlace the output for rendering.
This makes it really hard to work with interlaced footage. Sure, it's better not to use interlaced footage to begin with, but sometimes you don't get to choose what kind of footage is delivered to you to work with.

5) H.264 problems (bug?)
Quicktime h.264 will render at 77.000kbps no matter what settings I choose. Restricting the Data Rate to anything else doesn't do anything. It keeps reverting to Automatic.

6) Minor: UI layout wastes screen space
The big bar at the bottom eats a whole chunk of screen space. If the project's title is moved to the top bar then the Media/Edit/Color/Deliver buttons can easily sit on the bar below (where the panel buttons are located). The other icons (Resolve, home and gear) seem unnecessary to me (they're already in the File menu). Not a big deal, but I like as much room for the viewers and timeline as possible :).

7) Minor: Audio EQ
I usually don't do a lot of sound editing in an NLE, but it would be very handy to have a built-in EQ. I understand that VST's can solve this.

I think Resolve 12 is an incredible improvement compared to v11 and it looks like a potentially great NLE. For the above reasons I unfortunately can't replace my current NLE just yet. Apart from that, keep up the good work!

Wouter Verwijlen

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Re: V12 NLE issues and feedback

PostWed Aug 12, 2015 6:06 pm

Small update (now on Beta 2):

The H.264 export bug is solved!

New bug: when I click the Login button without having clicked a user the program crashes.

Most performance issues are gone, not because of changes to Beta 2 but because I decided to transcode all my long GOP footage into DNxHD. Obviously this is a much more edit friendly codec, I'm just so used to other NLE's that have no problem handling long GOP formats that the need for transcoding had been a thing of the past for quite a while.

I'd also like to clarify that I'm aware of the existence of Backspace and Shift-Backspace to perform Lift and Extract, but when you do this you can't paste the contents elsewhere, that's why I said these operations are currently pretty much non-existent. Deleting something is not the same as Lifting or Extracting, from my point of view.
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Marc Wielage

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Re: V12 NLE issues and feedback

PostThu Aug 13, 2015 7:32 am

Some very good comments here. There are free/super-cheap EQ plug-ins out there that will solve your issues there. Even Pro Tools does not ship with built-in EQ -- you have to add it as a plug-in (also cheap or free in some cases).

I have always noticed that rewind/reverse actions are slower and bumpier on edit systems, and I think it's just a question of processing power being forced to read data in reverse. The drive activity goes bonkers, too -- and this is on every NLE I've ever seen, going back 20 years.
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