Prores4444 issue on Windows

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Prores4444 issue on Windows

PostFri Aug 07, 2015 7:19 pm

I work 4K UHD mastering in 4K timeline and UHD monitoring on windows 7 (windows8.1)

Main media are Alexa's Preres4444 mov.

Only prores4444 cause error. Flcker, green noise and resolve down.
It need system restart or force quit for qt decoder and resolve in windows task manager.

Prores422 HQ is no problem. But playback perfomance is not enough.

DNxHR HQX, HQ are no problem. Playback perfomance is better than prores422HQ.

BTW, Avid mediacompoer can realtime playback above all 4k mov codecs by AMA.

In resolve 12 Studio beta, prores4444 cause no error but playback perfomance is bad. Just 10~13fps.. :x

There are basic reason for this issue?

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