6 Bugs that i found. Plus 19 Requests.

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6 Bugs that i found. Plus 19 Requests.

PostSun Aug 09, 2015 11:37 am


I love the new functions in 12. Especially the Multicam Clips. They are a big game changer for me since i do not have to use FCP7, FCX, AVID oder Premiere anymore to do this.
Nevertheless here are some bugs and quirks I encountered in RESOLVE 12.0.0b.028.

BUG1:The “switch multi clip angle”-Function won’t work two times in a row:
(Edit Workspace) After right-clicking on a Multiclip placed in a Timeline and selecting “switch multi clip angle” everything is fine. There are all the angles selectable and after choosing one Angle it will switch acordingly,
But if you make a right click on the same Clip immediately after this step above, you won’t be able to choose another angle again. The “switch multi clip angle” Function won’t give you any option at all.
I tested it with 3 and 9 Clips in a Multi Clip. Same result.

BUG2: Inconsistency in the UI/Functions restrictions between FREE and STUDIO Version.
Since I am using the free RESOLVE Version it makes totally sense to deactivate the 3D Function. So when I klick the “3D” Button in the Color Workspace nothing will happen. But when i Click on the Star (Motion Effects) it does show me the greyed-out options like SPATIAL NR etc.
That feels a little bit Inconsistent.

BUG3/REQUEST: Not all functions do have a Popup Name that shows up when you hover the mouse over it. And Please add the Shortcut Information to the function Name!!! That makes understanding/learning the program super pleasant.

BUG4: "SHOW CLIP DETAILS" Popup-Window in the Color Workspace is sometimes not popping up.

Sometimes it shows up when i switch Workspaces back and fourth.

BUG5: When I reset my grade or a Tracking Operation, the Clip is still labeled in the Thumbnail area with a little rainbow Icon that indicates that it is actively color-correted.
Even then, when i clear out all nodes completely. The same applies for Tracking Operations. That was not the case in Version 11 and seems to be a bug

BUG6: “Switch Angle” Multicam Shortcuts seems to be broken.
I was able to set Keyboard Shortcuts to make “Cut to Angle…” possible, but I was unable to use the “Switch to Angle….” Functions. Maybe a bug. It does not do anything at the moment. Hmmmm… maybe i have not figured it out. So this may be a User-Error instead. :)

This Sections is just stuff that I would like to see changed or added. Some is very Importaint. Some is just part of my Wishlist

REQUEST 1: All UI Options of the “Adjustment Controls" in one window

Moving the the now called "Adjustment Controls 2” from the “Color Match Tool” (Version 11) into the Color Wheels was a good idea. But I don’t like, that i have to click the “1" and “2” buttons to reach it. I want to have all those functions unlocked in one common UI-Window. I understand that this is a clever way to save space on a small display but i have two monitors and one external Broadcast-Monitor and would like to spread as many functions as possible on the Display.
Maybe get rid of the “Y” “R" "G" “B” notations underneath the wheels since they use up ah whole UI Line and do not help much. Maybe give those settings colorfull backgrounds like you did with the Curves YRGB functions. This would be easier to understand and is way more consistent.

REQUEST 2: More than only one Curve at a time.
I miss the option to show all 4 Curves at the same time like in Version 11. But maybe I have not found it jet.

Nevermind now i understand how it works. I like it even better now!

REQUEST 3: More customisation with external Panels.
I am using a Tangent Wave and would love to change my panel accordingly to my preferences. I know. This is a big one. But a man can dream.

REQUEST 4: In the QUALIFIER Tab: Give the range Selector some Handles that I can move with my mouse.

I understand that external panels should do this job or that i can change ranges with my mouse in the numeric section, but I still think that the option to change the qualifier-ranges directly representated by moveable Dots like in other software products (FCP 7, Premiere, etc) makes way more sense for mouse users.

REQUEST 5: The individual Curves (Hue vs Hue, Sat vs Sat, etc.) are now even more complicated to reach by mouse than in Version 11.

In Version 11 I did not like that als the diferent Sub-Curves where reachable through numberous similar lookig dots. They did not give me much visual feedback. I always clicked on a wrong one. I was hoping that you will give those Dots simple Names like "L-S" or simlpy "Hue vs. Sat” or colorful Icons that give me a hint on what i am clicking at. Now in Version 12 those Dots are gone and I have the second option left to go to the dropdown menu. But that is slowing me down! I have to click and navigate more just to jump from one Sub-Curve to another and it makes me fear that i might miss the little Dropdown Button and hit the “RESET” Button next to it instead. Please give me back those quick Switch buttons from Version 11 and maybe move it one Bar higher into the Main Functions since i will use the indivudual Curves quite often

REQUEST 6: Visual Representation of the Soft Clip Function
I love the fact that you combined the “Soft Clips” into the main Curves. This saves me some time. But I miss the simple visual Feedback that came along with the Soft Clips in Version 11. It was simple and telling me what I was doing with my Soft Clip Settings in a visual way. Maybe you can recreate it in the Background of the Curves as greyed out graphs that move accordingly to the changes in the "Soft Clips"?

REQUEST 7: Give the Curves an optional Grid for visual reverence.

Or even better. Give us an optional Histogram or Waveform as a Background.

REQUEST 8: Show me the "Clipnames" of Clips in the "Color Workspace-Timeline" underneath or above the Clip-Thumbnails.

Of course this should be only optional.

REQUEST 9: Let me create "Multiclips" in the EDIT Workspace.
Right now it slows an editor down to switch to MEDIA and back again. The same thing applies for “Scene Cut Detection”.

REQUEST 10: It is unclear when my mousepointer can resize a Window since i do not get a visual feedback on the mouse-Pointer-Icon.

It always stays a regular Mouse-Pointer. I prefer a Line with two arrows that give me an idea to click and drag the mouse in one of those indicated directions.
Or change the UI Interface so that I can tell by the form of a Window-Border if i am allowed to move it or not. Like a double line for stuff that i may change.

REQUEST 11: Let me create my own UI by undocking windows.

It would be wonderful to change the UI entirely. In a way that FCP7 and other programs do. In FCP i could have several Vectorsopes and Waveforms at the same time and I could change what they would show me.
For Example: One set would show me the my normal Grade (Like Resolve does it). Another one was showing me the Scopes without any Grade. The third Scope-Set was showing me a frozen reference Scope (by setting in IN or OUT Point) that was giving me reference.
I know that is another BIG Request. :)

REQUEST 12: Give us 3D Scopes, like the 3D Vectorscope in "Apple Color”
In Combination with Keys/Qualifier it was very Informative.

REQUEST 13: Give me the option to show only three Scopes at a time.
I do not need Histogram since Parade does the same job for me.

REQUEST 14: Let us use the space of “Sizing”, “3D”, “Burn In” and “Info” for other stuff like extended “Curve”-Window space.
Everything else is so overfilled with information. It feels like a waste of space to force me to have "Sizing" or "Info" open all the time. And especially the "Sizing” and “Info” Tab feels empty compared to the Color Wheels.

REQUEST 15A: Give us a interactive Color Picker that netralize Color Tints in LIFT, GAMMA or GAIN range.
This function was found in FCP7 3Way Color Correction and it was speeding up the white balance process enormously.

REQUEST 15B: Give us a “MATCH HUE” Function with a Unique Color-Picker like it was featured in FCP7 (Color Corrector 3Way)

REQUEST16: Make the “Stabilizer” Tool more flexible with Camera Pans/Tilts/Zooms that where intendet.
Would be nice if it would work more like FCP Stabilizer or Premiere Warp-Stabilizer.

REQUEST 17: Less Dropdown Menus to navigate functions in the Color-Workspace
I would love to switch with my mouse from … lets say the: The “Log-Wheels” to the “Motion Effects” and then to the “Primaries Wheels” in one Click a the time. But right now, to reach the Individual Color Wheels I need to klick the "Color Wheel”-Button and than consult the dropdown menus. Please split the "Color Wheel” Button into it´s three Sub-Functions.
The same goes for the Curves and Tracker.

REQUEST 18: The “KEY” Function should be moved to the “Sizing”, “Info”, etc tabs at the right.

The “KEY” Function is drastically misplaced since it is meant to be used in conjunction with other tabs like “Curves" or the “Qualifier". But right now I can only see one of this functions at a time. For me the KEY function is one of my most useful fine tuning tools! Since it is used to help me increase or tone down individual grading Nodes without messing up any node permanently. So I would like to keep it accessible all the time. Please move it to the right of the screen, right next to Functions like “Sizing” "Burn In” and “Info”, since it do not work in conjunctions with those Tools.

REQUEST 19: In the Project Settings: Add a "Keyboard Mapping" Search function like in FCP7.

May I even wish for a visual keyboard representation like in AVID or FCP7?

I am Using a Mac Pro (Mid 2010)
OS X Yosemite (10.10.2)
3,2 Ghz Quad Core
12GB Ram
NVidia GT640 for GUI + GTX 970 for QUDA

Just my two Cents. Beside from that:

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