Back up your Resolve database before installing Resolve 12.1

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Back up your Resolve database before installing Resolve 12.1

PostThu Nov 12, 2015 9:24 pm

Please make sure you backup your Resolve database(s) before installing Resolve 12.1.

If you have a PostgreSQL database, it must be Upgraded before you can use it with 12.1

If you have a Disk database, it does not get Upgraded. When you load existing projects from a Disk database, they will be upgraded to the 12.1 format when they are saved.

If the PostgreSQL database or Disk database projects get upgraded to the 12.1 format, they will not be usable in earlier versions of Resolve.

As long as you backup your current database before installing 12.1, it will make it easy to return to Resolve 12.0.1 and your existing 12.0.1 projects, should you need to for any reason.

Database backups are done in the Resolve Database Manager window.

If you have the traditional multi-user Resolve login screen at start up, you can access the Database Manager by clicking the Database button in the lower right of the Resolve user login screen.

If you are using the newer single user mode of Resolve, that has no user login screen, you can access the Database Manager by selecting the downward arrow icon in the upper right corner of the Project Manager page, and selecting Database.

If you have only 1 database, it will be highlighted and you need only to click the Backup button. That will bring up a Backup Database window that will allow you to name the backup and choose where it is written.

If you have multiple databases, the one that is currently in use will be highlighted. You can select any of the other databases you wish to backup, and back them up as well, one at a time.

Another option in lieu of database backups is to create a new database for Resolve 12.1 projects. Use that with Resolve 12.1 and leave the existing database(s) as is for if you need to return to an earlier version of Resolve.

But it's always a good idea to have a backup of your database, whether you choose to upgrade the existing database or create a new one.
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Re: Back up your Resolve database before installing Resolve

PostFri Nov 13, 2015 12:49 am

Great advise, thanks Dwaine.
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