v12 Right Click Menu Inconsistencies

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v12 Right Click Menu Inconsistencies

PostFri Nov 13, 2015 12:15 am

Hi there,

I have noticed since resolve 12 came out, right click menus have behaved a bit different and inconsistent compared to v11. I waited until 12.1 thinking it may have been a bug that would get sorted out - but it still appears to be the case.

This is on OS X 10.10.5 and using either a standard mouse or a wacom tablet.

I will use a menu in the media page as an example.

If I right click on a clip in the media pool and hold it and then release on a button - some buttons work and some don't. For example if I right click, hold and release on "Change Source Folder" - it works, just like in v11.

However if I right click, hold and release on a clip in the media storage and select "scene cut detection" it won't work. Neither will a lot of other menus buttons. You need to right click, not hold and then click again.

Is this intentional? It was not like this in v11 - and using a pen and tablet it is mildly annoying as by default you right click, hold and release on context menus, rather than right click, nav and click again. Also - the inconsistency of it (some menus work, while others don't) is a bit confusing at times and results in doing a lot of clicks again.
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Re: v12 Right Click Menu Inconsistencies

PostFri Nov 13, 2015 1:36 pm

Frustrating that this is still not fixed, I have brought it up in the forums several times since the early betas. Clearly a bug, made worse by the fact that it is inconsistent between different right click menus within resolve. Standard OSX behaviour in all other programs (and Resolve 11) is click hold release.
This bug really affects your flow during a full day of grading.

BMD, please fix this.

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Re: v12 Right Click Menu Inconsistencies

PostFri Nov 13, 2015 7:02 pm


It made me think that there was a bug with not bringing in offline reference clips, turns out it was because I was using a pen and dragging to the 'import as offline ref clip' and releasing, instead of click-clicking
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