DVR12.2 Transitions bug

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Tom Early

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DVR12.2 Transitions bug

PostSat Feb 13, 2016 2:04 pm

Haven't upgraded to 12.31 yet but I imagine this still happens there...

Add a transition between 2 clips. As far as I know this works with any transition, and with any alignment. Bring the transition up in the Inspector and under 'Ease' select 'In'. Put the playhead at any point during the transition. Now under 'Ease' select 'Out'.

I make it that there's no difference. Nor is there a difference if you select 'In & Out', despite the UI updating in the timeline to show a different curve in the transition graphic. In fact, there's only a difference if you select 'Custom' and then manipulate the transition from there.

OSX 10.10.5, DVR12.2 Studio.

Edit: found another one. For Cross Dissolve and Additive Dissolve, the 'Start Ratio' and 'End Ratio' parameters behave completely erroneously. Increasing 'Start Ratio' not only adjusts the transition but it also blows out the highlights regardless of shot content. Lowering 'End Ratio' just fades the image towards black, even when parked on the first frame of the transition, which shouldn't be affected at all. These two parameters only function as they should for the 'Dip To Color' dissolve transition. And what's this in the manual (p419) about '50 percent through the transition'? These parameters go from 0 to 100 for a reason...
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Peter Cave

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Re: DVR12.2 Transitions bug

PostMon Feb 15, 2016 5:56 am

I can confirm this bug. Also the curve editor icon being tiny and black makes it hard to see against the thumbnail in the timeline. I think orange or green would be better for these kind of tiny icons.
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