Premiere XML Image position not correct

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Nate Porter

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Premiere XML Image position not correct

PostTue Apr 26, 2016 1:53 am

So I have noticed when round tripping my project to DVR from premiere for color that the position x and y if modified is not what they should be set to. They are always and consistently half of what they should be. Example - In premiere I move my image on the x axis +10 and the y axis -20. When I export an xml and bring it into DVR and go to the edit sizing it would say that the x axis is +5 and the y axis is -10. Knowing that it is consistently half of what it should be makes this more of just a headache and not a deal breaker, but would love to get it fixed regardless. I first noticed this issue a few projects back using DVR 12 and tried out the 12.5 beta and it is still there. Scaling is not an issue either. It will stay the same size that I set it to in premiere.

I hope this is something that Black Magic will be able to fix and hope it isn't something that premiere is writing incorrectly to the XML.

Peter Cave

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Re: Premiere XML Image position not correct

PostFri Apr 29, 2016 1:18 am

The position numbering in Premiere is based on centre of canvas being X=960,Y=540. In Resolve it is X=0, Y=0. This is why the difference. The actual screen position is correct.
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