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Resolve 2K Flat Timeline Crashes with 2K 1080 Video Output

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 7:20 pm
by Alexander Falk
Hi there,

i have three machines:
a) Supermicro - CentOS 6.6 - Resolve 12.2.0 - Decklink 4K Extreme
b) MacPro6,1 - OS X 10.10.5 - Resolve 12.2.0 - Ultrastudio 4K
c) z800 - CentOS 6.6 - Resolve 12.3.2 - Decklink 4K Extreme
All of them have the same problem:
When my timeline is set to 2K DCI Flat (1998x1080) and video output is set to 2K 1080p (23,976 or 24) Resolve crashes when i click on clips in the Media Pool without any hint in the Logs.

Is this a known issue?
Colleagues told me that this happend earlier with v11 too.
Should be fixed!

Thanks for any help.