movi exported from 3d software dont work in devinci 12

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Uzi Levi

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movi exported from 3d software dont work in devinci 12

PostWed Feb 15, 2017 11:25 am

hi to all
i export a movi from blender (3D PROGRAM) to work in devinci, i make all the shots in blender and export the shots with alfa channel and work with it in devinci.
the only way i can do it is with exr files but that makes me open a folder to every file .
can i export the files in mov or avi?

when i export the movi files it works on all the players like vlc or quicktime but devinci cant import it.

i did export the movi in all the formats,and with and without alfa, but devinci cant see them.

my canon camera works fine with devinci so i think its somthing is missing on the file exported from blender.

any one knows what is missing on the exported file ?
and can any one help to fix it?

if you whant to see it its on my dropbox i will send you a small clip, i cant post url here :(

thanks uzi

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