Ho to delete/remove versions in the split screen window?

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Ulrich Otto

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Ho to delete/remove versions in the split screen window?

PostFri Mar 17, 2017 11:18 pm

Greetings from Germany!

In DaVinci COLOR menu the window "split screen (on)/versions and original" shows indeed versions and original!

Sometimes I create unwillingly new versions-thumbnails (with CTRL+Y under windows with German Keyboard settings. That is because I am used to do so, as the command undo (STRG+Z) sometimes need the step back (id est undo the undo (STRG+Y)).

Do not try CTRL+Y, this deadly command, if you not know, how to remove the resulting versions in split screen window.

Or try it up to sixteen times, when risky friendly, what will increase the pressure to answer this my question...

How can I get rid of these unwanted versions thumbnails?

To the defense of my honor I assure that I googled, searched in DaVinci Help with selectors like '"how to delete versions", "split screen/versions and original" and similar items - but with no success.

yours Uli from Germany

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