Decklink 4K Studio Center & LFE are patched incorrectly over

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Decklink 4K Studio Center & LFE are patched incorrectly over

PostSat Apr 29, 2017 1:23 pm

I ran into an issue today where my Decklink card is swapping the Center Channel of a 5.1 mix with the LFE Channel.

If I swap the channel outputs in Resolve the audio then plays correctly. I noticed the same issue in another app that also uses the Decklink for monitoring.

Playing back this same QT in another app with my Kona 4 card the audio channels are correct and there isn't any need to swap anything.

I'm on the latest desktop video drivers and this is over HDMI.

I tried multiple desktop video drivers and all netted the same result or worse yet no result if I tried to force swap the channels.

Is this a card, driver or Resolve issue?

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