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Davinci 12.5 exports look different

PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2017 11:27 am
by NickSotgiu
Hey Forum,

I have this problem with Davinci where my exports (ProRes, TIFF, H.264) look a lot different then what I'm seeing in the interface of Resolve.
The exports usually have less contrast and definitely lack a punch of saturation.
I'm working on a calibrated iMac and unchecked (Use Mac Display Color Profile for viewer) in the Color Management settings.

I tried all 'data level' settings in the MEDIA and DELIVER page (Auto, Video & Full) and (Full) comes close but still not exactly what I'm seeing in Davinci.
Bit of an annoying problem, especially when a client sits next to you and the exports looks completely different.

Any ideas what this might be or what I can try?