Audio Round Trip from Premiere Losing Tracks?

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Audio Round Trip from Premiere Losing Tracks?

PostWed May 10, 2017 6:45 pm

Hello all,

I'm currently testing a new conforming workflow for a short I'm editing and have run into a weird audio issue.

The workflow is:

1.) Batch sync by timecode in Resolve 12.5

2.) Export offlines with synced audio as ProRes (maintaining all audio channels)

3.) Edit offlines in Premiere

4.) Online in Resolve via XML

5.) Export sound (from Resolve) for mixer

6.) Grade and master in Resolve

The issue I'm running into while testing this is that when I bring a timeline back from Premiere via XML, the audio clips are being recognized but only the first track is appearing properly. Tracks 2-5 for every clip show up on the timeline, but with no waveform. The audio monitors also show only stereo, despite there being 10 tracks in the timeline.

What's especially weird is that the clips in the timeline ARE conforming to the correct master audio file, and if I open them in the source viewer all the tracks are there and play back fine -- just not from the timeline.
Here's a pic to explain what I mean about the timeline vs. source viewer waveforms:

Anyone have thoughts about why this might be happening?
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