Resolve Studio on Mac not Saving

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Resolve Studio on Mac not Saving

PostThu May 11, 2017 3:47 am

I'm on Resolve 12.5, I believe the latest release, pretty much the whole time I've been on it it's been inconsistent on saving the progress I've made.
If I hit CMD-S it will act as if it has saved (progress bar completes), but if it crashes after that point then I lose my work back to when I opened it. If I were to hig CMD-S and then quit, it will often show me the progress bar and then tell me that I haven't saved, at which point I go through the save process again, and only then does the save work.
This has persisted across versions and I even moved from SQL to DISK database just to address this and it hasn't fixed the problem.

Since it doesn't crash all that often, and the backup project method helps, I haven't posted about it. But work's getting heavy and I would really like this to stop happening.

Auto-Saving to backup projects is working fine, so I have it set to backup every 20 minutes. It's actually smarter for me to not hit CMD-S right now because it usually doesn't work and only the auto-save is doing anything for me, so I don't want to delay auto-saves. Saving is counter productive, which is a weird place to be.

Someone suggested it might be a permissions issue, which makes sense, but I've repaired my permissions and it persists.

I've searched the forum and seen windows people with this problem, but not any solutions unless I've missed it. Anyone had this occur and solved it completely?
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