Cache directory on external drive

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Cache directory on external drive

PostThu May 18, 2017 7:37 pm

I'm playing with the Resolve 14 Beta 2 on a laptop.
I'm usually working from an external RAID hosting the entire project but
want the option of taking individual scenes or acts with me on the road.

Whenever I go to File-Project Settings->General Options
and set my "Cache file location" to a directory on a large external RAID and "save"
it is ignored.
a) There should really, really be a warning message here because
Resolve wil always store stills and cache files on the first "media storage volume" in the settings only.

On the 3 internal drives there is enough space for DNxHD proxies for only 1 or 2 of the 13 scenes of 1 or the 3 projects and
it takes >20h to "generate optimised media" for a single scene (4K/UHD/1080p25 multicam with many cameras).

These 2 limitations that caches are only stored in 1 place and that this place has to always be connected, even if the original media is offline are rediculus!

Is there any reasonable workflow to keep the cache files on the RAID and when I copy the footage and cache files of a project to an internal drive work with these?

I can't even change the order of media storage locations. I have to remove all of them and re-create all of them just to make another one "first".

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