DaVinci Resolve 14 beta 5 released

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DaVinci Resolve 14 beta 5 released

PostThu Jul 06, 2017 5:50 am

We are pleased to announce the release of DaVinci Resolve 14 beta 5. This is a no charge update for existing customers and is available from our support web site.
https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/suppor ... and-fusion

Please review the list below for inclusions from the last beta and if you are moving from v12.5 make sure to back up your project database first. For those on Windows and Linux that are migrating projects to v14, please refer to the note regarding H.264 levels.

-Support for white balance picker to automatically set temperature and tint
-Support for white and black point picker for automatic color balance
-Improved results when using Hue vs. Lum curves
-Support for source viewer video I/O playback of clips not at the project frame rate
-Playback now continues when performing a trim during looped playback
-Media Pool clips added using the import dialog are now automatically selected upon import
-Added support for Play Around Current Selection command in the Edit page
-Added support for inspector controls for audio plugins without a custom user interface
-Added support for Alt/Option + click to open a bin in read-only mode in Collaboration projects
-Improvements to ResolveFX Face Refinement
-Added Canon Log 2 to Resolve Color Management
-Added Color page thumbnail indicator for Edit page OFX applied on clips
-Improved vertical zooming on Fairlight page timeline
-Added the ability to change and apply Data Burn settings in the Deliver Page and the Fairlight Page
-Added improvements to ResolveFX Color Stabilizer and ResolveFX Timelapse Deflicker
-Added ability to edit and update existing Media Pool custom column layouts
-Addressed an issue where full range H.264 clips were incorrectly decoded as video range on Windows and Linux when Data Levels was set to Auto
--To retain existing grades on projects (on Windows and Linux), set Data Levels to Video in Clip Attributes
-Addressed an issue where Burn-ins would not update when enabling a video track
-Addressed an issue where some H.264 files would show media offline frames
-Addressed an issue where some render jobs would fail with a critical error
-Addressed an issue where DaVinci Micro and Mini panel LCD and key backlight brightness would only get set correctly on the Color page
-Addressed an issue where rendering H.264 clips with an odd resolution would crash on Windows
-Addressed an issue with decoding or extracting audio from some AAC files
-Addressed an issue where mute and solo would be set incorrectly
-Addressed an issue where some camera files would not playback audio on the timeline
-Addressed an issue where live previews of thumbnails would interfere with playback of an existing clip
-Addressed an issue where duplicating a timeline would reset some parameters in the new timeline
-Addressed an issue with dragging a video or audio only edit from a Power Bin clip in the source viewer
-Addressed an issue where applying certain image transforms would cause flickers in the image
-Addressed an issue where adjusting the inner or outer softness of a Power Curve Window would cause a crash
-Addressed a crash when decoding a 6K Panasonic GH5 clip
-Addressed an issue with video capture to QuickTime ProRes 4444 and ProRes 4444 XQ formats
-Addressed an issue with clicking/noise at the beginning of AAC audio clips
-Addressed an issue with audio playback on the Fairlight page on some systems
-Addressed a stability issue with enabling Collaboration on a project with auto save enabled
-Addressed an issue with archiving projects which include frame based clip mattes
-Addressed an issue where clips added to the timeline from a power bin may appear offline
-Addressed an issue where still grades were not properly copied over correctly for some projects
-General performance and stability improvements
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