Computer speed for shared Resolve Project Manager

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Computer speed for shared Resolve Project Manager

PostSat Aug 12, 2017 12:40 am


I'm planning a shared storage setup for multiple editors. Media will be on a 10GbE NAS, so there are no problems there. The question becomes the shared resolve database. How powerful does that computer have to be? The NAS can run a VM with the database on it, or get an old mac mini to run it. Ideally the NAS with VM could do it so there is one less computer to power.

Second part to the question are how much data traffic is needed to edit well off site. Say an editor has to work off site and will bring a hard drive that is mapped correctly on his computer so it doesn't mess up the project media locations. How fast does his internet connection have to be to edit via the shared project back a the office network?

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