14b8 - first observations

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14b8 - first observations

PostThu Aug 24, 2017 7:46 pm

Installed 14b8.

What NOT has changed - but was reported by me and others:

"Reload last working project when logging in" does still not work. (I am on Single User setup).
Resolve does remember the first project - but does not save when I work on a different before quitting the app. It opens with first project again and again...

When starting up with the above setting and open the project manager I get an empty window.
Closing and opening the manager again shows my projects then.

So I leave that function unchecked for now.


In COLOR page when switching back from full screen viewer mode to normal UI I get an annoying white flashframe in the viewer area. But not in EDIT or DELIVER pages!


In MEDIA and EDIT page fast forward and backwards on the Micro Panel does not work. J-K-L works on those pages.

In FAIRLIGHT page the Micro Panel transport controls don't work at all! Repeated pressing of those buttons on that page CRASHES my MacBook!!!

NEXT/PREV FRAME on the Micro Panel jumps to NEXT CLIP if you don't take your finger off the button between every single frame. Should actually work like the arrow keys on the keyboard!!


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