Keyboard shortcuts - using spreadsheet to modify

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Trevor Asquerthian

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Keyboard shortcuts - using spreadsheet to modify

PostSat Aug 26, 2017 10:22 pm

I'm trying to port my PPro / Avid / FCP7 keyboard layout to R14 (muscle memory is a powerful thing) and so have been futzing around with the keyboard shortcut editor.

So far I've found the following, in case it is any use to anyone (n.b. at your own risk, I haven't fully tested and bad things can happen).

I can export the default list and remove all the keyboard shortcuts to give me a blank slate which I then sorted (removing surplus := line)

Not sure why pipe | is in some assignments - it does NOT seem to work as OR operator, sadly
Code: Select all
editDelete := Shift+Backspace | Del
viewZoomSubZoomIn := Ctrl+= | Ctrl++

:= can also be followed by a keyboard sequence, so you have to type all the keystrokes in order (but they CANNOT also be ASSIGNED SINGLY as that assignment will override the sequence but they CAN use the same keystrokes not used singly elsewhere)
Code: Select all
markVideoIn := A,B
markVideoOut := B,A

When importing a set you seem to have to save prefs then go back into prefs and save again for that set to be active.
Letters after := can be lower or upper case
If same keystroke is assigned to 2 commands they WILL work if in different parts of app (e.g. Same keystrokes can be used for memories in Color and picking edit points in Edit)
Order of keyboard commands in the text file does not seem to matter
Using a MacBookPro ':= Return' and ':= Enter' appear in the keyboard mapping as ⏎ and ⌤ but seem to be interchangable on a keyboard without a numpad.
If both are assigned though, 'Return' seems to override 'Enter'
Mac keyboard shortcut editor accepts 'control' as ^ but the resulting shortcut has no effect.
There seem to be eight variations for each keyboard shortcut (order of modifiers doesn't seem to matter)

Some functions are not in the keyboard mapping list in the application but are in the exported file and do seem to work. Here's the list I've found so far:
    markSetPosterFrame :=
    markClearPosterFrame :=

I have created a spreadsheet to more easily create my shortcuts and export them so that I can import them to R14, happy to share if anyone is interested PM me.
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Marc Wielage

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Re: Keyboard shortcuts - using spreadsheet to modify

PostSun Aug 27, 2017 1:39 am

This is useful information -- thanks for sharing it.
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Dermot Shane

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Re: Keyboard shortcuts - using spreadsheet to modify

PostSun Aug 27, 2017 2:15 pm

great work putting all that into a spreadsheet!

i also edit my kb shortcuts + have a bunch of macro's that i need to mapp without conflicting with Resolve's mapping, this spreadsheet makes that much easier

Trevor Asquerthian

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Re: Keyboard shortcuts - using spreadsheet to modify

PostMon Sep 04, 2017 6:48 pm

Updated a few of the English Translations.

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