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Roberto Zambrino

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PostTue Sep 12, 2017 5:19 pm

Does Resolve have a tool to remove flicker? I have 4k anamorphic files shot in Film that can´t be filmed again, and they have a terrible flicker. Any Ideas with Resolve or any other tool?

Thanks in advance
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Heikki Repo

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Re: flicker

PostTue Sep 12, 2017 5:21 pm

I have been thinking of buying this solution myself: https://digitalanarchy.com/Flicker/main.html

bruce alan greene

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Re: flicker

PostWed Sep 13, 2017 11:40 pm

I had a similar issue with a scan of an old film print. I applied the Temporal Noise Reduction to lower the graininess and ... if also fixed the flicker! Give it a try :)

Peter Cave

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Re: flicker

PostThu Sep 14, 2017 12:12 am

The Studio version has the OFX effect Color Stabiliser, which works well for flicker too!
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Uli Plank

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Re: flicker

PostThu Sep 14, 2017 1:49 am

Maybe worth mentioning: there is even a "Timelapse Deflicker" in Studio.
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Marc Wielage

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Re: flicker

PostThu Sep 14, 2017 2:53 am

Both Color Stabilizer & Timelapse Deflicker use similar principles for different results. The trick is finding a reference frame that works for the whole scene. If the camera pans or somebody walks through the frame, it can get very tricky.
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Sam Steti

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Re: flicker

PostThu Sep 14, 2017 8:22 am


Well, flicker is a question which comes to light at least a couple of times per year for me.
I've been thinking about fixing it (once for all) this spring, but the lack of time made me... go back to FCP7 and use its super basic default deflicker - especially for that and no other action - on this project as a midtime export. Very slow of course but efficient on this project at the end of the day.
However, taking the file back to it just for deflicking is out of question now...

So far, I'm therefore testing solutions.
There's indeed the default studio TimeLapse Deflicker I didn't try yet (is it a classic deflicker btw ?); I have a "flicker remove" as a Sapphire ofx, a couple of tricks by tools not really made specifically for that "but it works", and the well known flicker free from digital anarchy that I'm not owning anymore...
Thanks to Peter and Bruce to add their suggestion here, I'll add it on the list.

So guys, if you happen to find a solution that (1) is preferably free*, (2) works in any situation, (3) is focused on flicker and easy to use and (4) is efficient each time : feel free to post here, I'll do the same ;)
*TL d. is in the studio version (well ok) but not Flicker free or saphirre f. remove
Because as Marc wrote, the fact that the tool is not specifically made for that can make it tricky, whereas a real deflicker won't be bothered by motion for example.

Peter Chamberlain

Blackmagic Design

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Re: flicker

PostThu Sep 14, 2017 4:51 pm

Just try the Time Lapse De-Flicker in Resolve Studio.
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Sam Steti

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Re: flicker

PostThu Sep 14, 2017 5:47 pm

Yep Peter, sure I will and I appreciate your words here; I confess that I didn't own studio version when I was wondering about a radical solution to definitely rule all potential flickers...
I'll also report here whenever needed.
THX again

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