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UPDATE Activation License Key and Dongle Update

PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:31 pm
by Peter Chamberlain

We have noticed a few questions on the forums about the licensing for DaVinci Resolve 14 and I have some information I can post here so everyone knows what's happening. Sorry the message here is a bit long as there is a quite a few issues to update everyone on.

Of course we are happy to have an activation license key method for installing DaVinci Resolve Studio, however it took us a little longer to get it working well and so it was only added to the software in the late beta stage. The good news is the activation license key versions of the software are shipping and available to order.

Unlike the dongle version, to activate this version you need need to be connected to the internet, though only while registering, and you simply type in the license key when first running DaVinci Resolve. The license key is found on a small card included with the packaging. What's important is once activated your DaVinci Resolve system does not need to be connected to the internet. It's important to note that, unlike the cloud licensing model, you only need to be connected to the internet when registering, and then you can unplug.

But some systems cannot be connected to the internet ever, even when initially registering, because these systems are doing high end feature films and other secure type of work. So to handle that, we will continue to offer the dongle version of DaVinci Resolve Studio. This version is called DaVinci Resolve Studio Dongle so it can be identified and it's also available for order if you need that version.

For customers that ordered DaVinci Resolve Studio 14 that included a dongle, then we also have a solution to allow you to get an activation license key so you don't need to use the dongle. All you need to do is contact a Blackmagic Design support office with your proof of purchase and the serial number from the dongle package. We can then provide an activation key that refers to the serial number of your dongle package.

This offer is to any customer who purchased DaVinci Resolve with a dongle, and it's quite a nice update because technically you can keep using your dongle as well as the license key on separate systems if you want to. It's like a second license for free. However there is a catch. The activation license key is attached to the serial number of your copy of DaVinci Resolve Studio so if you sell the dongle, you are also selling the software license for both the dongle version and the activation key and your software could deactivate if someone else activates it.

This can also be an issue with the activation license key and any Blackmagic Design camera that includes DaVinci Resolve Studio. You can also get an upgrade to the license key software so you don't need to use the dongle, however the license key is attached to the cameras serial number and so you cannot sell the dongle and keep the camera, as the cameras serial number is the same as the dongle serial number.

However the upgrade is the same for cameras as it is for the DaVinci Resolve dongles, just contact our support office via email with verification of ownership, and we can then arrange a license key for you. You will need to give us a day or 2 to verify the details and issue the license key. However once you get the license key you can then run DaVinci Resolve without the dongle.

Of course if you are using the free DaVinci Resolve, then don't need to worry about any of this because the software just runs without any license at all!

Finally, we want to thank everyone who helped in the beta program with feedback. We really did receive a lot of great feedback during the public beta program and a lot of the feedback was unexpected but very helpful! Would like to thank you again for helping with your reports as it made a big difference to the quality of DaVinci Resolve 14 when it was released.

We hope you enjoy using DaVinci Resolve 14 and we are working hard on the next version now!


Blackmagic Design

UPDATE Activation License Key and Dongle Update

PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 12:18 am
by Peter Chamberlain
As mentioned above the Dongle to Activation key update program is designed for DaVinci Resolve Studio dongle owners who ordered prior to NAB 2017, and for those who ordered v14 since NAB expecting an activation key but were sent a dongle.

Customers who ordered DaVinci Resolve since NAB who received a dongle and would like an activation key, should request the key from BMD support ASAP as we are now shipping activation keys for all new orders unless a dongle is specifically requested. The scheduled cutoff of Oct 31st for updating those dongles is approaching.

We will still support updates for dongle owners who purchased prior to NAB 17 under the terms listed in the first post above.