Layout presets question

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Layout presets question

PostTue Oct 17, 2017 1:35 am

Hello, Im still quite new to resolve. I noticed that when jumping back and forth between the media, edit, color and delivery tabs, each time I go back to the color tab, I have to manually click my way to the same setup I had set it to before switching to the other tabs. For example if I had the Nodes view and "clips" plus "timeline" open before switching to a different tab then go back to the color tab, I have to click on "Clips" and "Nodes" so they show up again. Another example is the Fairlight tab, if I set up the size of the audio tracks a certain way, but then go to another tab (lets say Color) and then go back into the Fairlight tab, the view has changed completely too.

I find this quite annoying. I tried "Layout preset saving", but that doesnt help either. Is there another way to make the pages stay exactly as they were before going to the different sections ? Thanks !

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