Resolve 14 with Windows 10 Home?

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Resolve 14 with Windows 10 Home?

PostMon Nov 13, 2017 3:42 pm

The release notes of Resolve 14.1 specify Windows 10 Pro (i.e. Professional) as the minimum system requirement for the Windows platform. Having used Resolve since version 11 on Windows 10 Home, I didn't notice any issues or limitations yet (on a six-core i7 machine with 32 GB RAM and Nvidia 970 GTX card).

EDIT: Microsoft's official comparison list between Home and Professional only lists additional features for the Professional version that are typical for enterprise office environments such as virtualization, remote desktops, network directories etc. - none of which are specific to multimedia performance (such as multicore and GPU support).

So: Would there actually be performance or feature gains if I upgraded the Windows 10 license from Home to Professional, due to Professional features used by Resolve 'under the hood'?

[Apologies for this extremely basic question. But neither in Resolve's manual nor searching the forum, I could find any information on this particular issue.]

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