Updated Resolve to 14.1, old project grades went bad

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Jani Lahtinen

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Updated Resolve to 14.1, old project grades went bad

PostTue Nov 14, 2017 6:52 pm

Hi! Just installed the new ( update over the previous version. Tried to continue editing an old project just to find out that the grades have gone bad, but only in some clips. I have tracked down the problem to be in nodes that have multiple power windows: they don't have any affect, it's like they did not exist, so the adjustments in the node are not affecting the picture. Also the next node is an outside-node, but there is no alpha transferred to it, so that node is also dead.

The bug is so bad, that if I try to add a new power window to the node to fix the problem, even they do not work. It's like the power window part is broken on that node and the alpha input on the next node. Qualifier seems to work, but even that alpha does not transfer to the latter node. So I just can't fix the problem without deleting nodes, creating the adjustments from scratch, and there are quite a few clips - a s**t load of work in vain = me mad.

Took a screen cap to illustrate, that even if there are power windows on the node, they do not show up on the node thumbnail.

Now that I think of this, I remember that I had problems at one point with multiple power windows in a single node - they did not interact correctly, as they did not blend or combine. This problem may have been present when I made the initial grade for these clips. The reason why mention this is that these are the clips that are not working now, I have finished the project later, adding clips and graded them later. Don't know if the bug is related to that. And I can't give the version number when I started this project.
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Tomek Sadowski

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Re: Updated Resolve to 14.1, old project grades went bad

PostWed Nov 15, 2017 6:07 pm

I have same problem with upgrade 14.0.1 -> 14.1 and outside node. Some outside nodes lost alpha mask.
For me, disable then enable hue control in qualifier (in outside node) restores alpha information from prev node. It's pain... but it's better than deleting and restoring nodes.

Edit: No power window used, only qualifier and corrections.
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George Deierling

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Re: Updated Resolve to 14.1, old project grades went bad

PostThu Nov 16, 2017 12:44 am

Try a clean re-install. Delete Resolve folder in ProgramData. That worked for me, but I had other problems... That is on PC, not sure how to clean install on a Mac.
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Dwaine Maggart

Blackmagic Design

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Re: Updated Resolve to 14.1, old project grades went bad

PostThu Nov 16, 2017 7:16 am

@George: You've suggested this in a few threads now.

While this may be something helpful on a new install, the Resolve local Disk database is in that folder, so if you delete that folder, you delete all your local Disk database projects. If you don't have a database backup (seems like few people do) you might regret this course of action.

If you are going to make this suggestion, please also warn people about the local database getting deleted as well.
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