Auto-Save to Backup - Lost Saves

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Auto-Save to Backup - Lost Saves

PostWed Nov 29, 2017 3:50 am


I have Resolve set to Auto-Save to Backup Project. 16 Saves every 10 minutes.

Resolve crashes once per session (I don't mind this as I'm fastidious about auto saving).

It appears that when Resolve crashes, I lose the auto-saves since the last time I manually saved it (I think this is the case).

So it just crashed and I went to List Backups, and there's ONE save from this evening's session, saved an hour ago when I manually saved the project. Two more have since generated...10 minutes ago and just now. And I'm thinking that if it crashed just now I'd lose those two recent ones unless I manually saved it.

Has anyone experienced this, or could anyone offer a work-around?

I'll have to set it to regular auto-save for now, but would love if this feature could work, because it's pretty important to big projects.

Resolve: Studio
Mac: Sierra 10.12.6 MacBook Pro


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