freeze frame bug R14.1.1

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freeze frame bug R14.1.1

PostFri Dec 01, 2017 8:51 pm

I'm playing around with ways of extracting hand gestures from a video. My idea is simple:

stack two clips with the same video source on top of each other. Key the top clip so that anytime something flesh-colored appears, such as a hand or arm, it gets keyed out. We're not done yet, because the lower layer of video has the self-same appendage appearing at precisely the same location as the thing we just keyed out. So, I cut out all the frames that have the appendage visible, then I want to just do a cross dissolve between the last frame of the left side of the cut to the first frame of the right side of the cut. Most of that will be covered by the non-keyed parts of the top video layer. But now the part that is keyed out will have something to show from either a recently previous frame or a soon-to-be future frame.

But freeze frame doesn't work as I expect. When I slice off the one frame I want to repeat and click on freeze frame, it presents me with a frozen frame from somewhere COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, like from somewhere near the end of the timeline. When I change the timecode display from Record Timecode (meaning the timecode displayed on the timeline) to Source Timecode (or Source frame or Record Frame), I can see Resolve lying through its teeth as it tells me that its looking at the frozen, next consecutive frame for whatever the length of the frozen clip. When I undo the freeze the image changes back to the frame I wanted to freeze, and all the indicators tell me "yup, that's the very next frame in the sequence, just like you thought". But when I freeze it, the image jumps to something completely different and the frame number (and Source Timecode) remain unchanged.
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