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R3D footage and sync issues

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:15 pm
by Karl Holt

Using Red Epic 5k footage, I'm having a strange problem where if I scrub or click the cursor on my timeline, I get an instant video update, it seems pretty smooth - all good. However when I push 'play' it takes a couple of seconds to start playing properly, the video stutters for a while and then starts to play smoothly, but by the time it gets over this 'hitch' the audio and video are now out of sync. If I leave it playing from here the video playback never struggles again, only when you first push the 'play' button and for the first few seconds.

It's pretty random, I can play again and the audio/video are now in sync, or even out by a different amount. It's not consistent.

So you might think this is to do with GPU grunt, but I have a GTX980ti and am only trying to play 1/4 resolution on a 1080p project. Even if I drop my gpu debayer to 1/16 I still get the stuttering at the start of the clip playback, and sync issues, so I don't think the stutter is connected to the debayer quality.

My system specs are - 2x gtx980ti, 64GB Ram, i7-3930k.

In older versions of resolve you used to have a tickbox to say whether you wanted red footage debayered on the CPU or GPU. This appears to have gone now in v14, I know I'm ok playing about 1/4 res back on the CPU alone as Ive been doing this in Premiere CS6 for years. Is there anyway I can turn off the GPU for r3d debayer to test if this is causing the problem? Maybe the menu item has moved?

As a comparison I don't get this stuttering on 4K cineform clips, they play back instantly.

Re: R3D footage and sync issues

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:00 pm
by Karl Holt
no-one else have this issue?